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C:\System\Lab02\Report> get report
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Hypothesis = Can our autonomous slime experiment pass all five jumping and running laser trails? Furthermore, how well can our slime experiment handle pressure?

Method = Autonomous slime must run and jump to the exit with out being exterminated by the lasers. When the slime moves, the lasers close in, which effectively reduces the play space and increases the chances of death.

Results = Download OutOfSpace.zip below to view lab results.

C:\System\Lab02\Report> get credits

Art/Animation = Adam Dao

Level Design = Cole Pergerson

Programming = Kevin Prakash

Sound Design/Music Composition = Miles Caraker

UI/Programming = Jingkang Chen


OutOfSpace Epic Jam Final.zip 118 MB

Install instructions

Dowload OutOfSpace.zip

Unzip the file->open WindowsNoEditor->Run OutOfSpace.exe

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