Walk: A and D, or Left Arrow and Right Arrow

Flap Wings: Spacebar, W, or Up Arrow

Call Out: Q, E, J, or K

Escape: P or Escape key


Play as Little Echo, a young bat who lost  their mom in a dark cave. While you can't see far, you can use sound waves to guess where things are. Flap your wings, call out, or listen closely to the environment, and you might just find your way.


This game was submitted for Global Gam Jam 2021.
The theme was Lost & Found.
Are game includes the following diversifiers: Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity), Spinal Tap, On the safe side


Amy Devorkin - Artist

Miles Caraker - Sound Designer

Cole Pergerson - Programmer, Producer

Thomas Zakharzhevskiy - Programmer

Anthony Sokry - Programmer


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Love it


Very cool game, I'd love to see more levels using these mechanics. The art is also very cute