You play as an internet avatar addicted to hearts. Keep collecting them to keep your sense of fulfillment! This game was inspired by "Connection," the theme of this jam, and my own past experience with using social media.
There are 7 levels and two final scenes which amounts to about 12 minutes of gameplay.


WASD, Arrows, or Joy Stick to move


Collect 5 hearts to progress to the next level.

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Tagsartgame, Bullet Hell, Internet


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I liked how you introduced a concept, varied it, and applied it in different ways. The aesthetic is cool - maybe since you're playing on an instagram screen you could put images beneath for each level? You'd need to keep all the moving components visible, but you could tell a story with a couple well chosen png files. 

I really dig it!


Nice game progression, many enemies and nice graphics. Good job!