Crab Life: Algae Bandit

Sneak your way through every level to eat all the algae and fight any crabs in the way. In Crab Life, you play as a lone bandit crab who has been rejected by society. Instead of being a decent crab, you take revenge on society by stealing algae from others.

How to Play

Playing as a crab can be weird if it's your first time! As a crab, you move faster sideways rather than moving forward. We made the crab face 90 degrees so that you could use W to move sideways while holding A or D to turn. Be careful on how you position yourself, your back is exposed to attack. Be aware of the green bar since that is your block stamina. In order to win, you must collect all the algae in the level. The counter on the top right will tell you how much you have left.


WASD or arrow keys to move.
To turn while moving hold A (left arrow)  or  D (right arrow)

Press J or K to punch.
Hold J and K to block.


Cole Pergerson: Producer and Sound Designer
Anthony Sokry: Programmer
Thomas Zakh: Programmer
Jessica Thang: Visual Development and Animation
Alec Chou: Menu Design

Music recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mushman Music and Yes.Yes

This game was part of a summer game development workshop hosted by the Game Dev Club at San Jose State University. Special thanks to James Morgan and Tom Austin for advising this project and providing honest feedback.

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